:) Ceramics

I make all my ceramics are hand built using techniques such a pinch, slab or coil. I use stoneware clay with underglazes, clear glaze or by using stroke and coat glazes. I do not throw on a wheel (yet!!) It’s a lengthy process with an average time from start to finish of around a month! I do not own my own kiln (I use a kiln hire service by a Manchester based pottery studio) which lengthens the process!


:) Ceramic Care Instructions

Please look after my lovely lil creations!! Each piece is made with love so please look after it well and hand wash! In each individual listing I will offer more information on whether the item is food safe. If listed as not please adhere to my caution. Most pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe unless stated otherwise!


:) Shipping

All items are shipped using Royal Mail. All ceramics are shipped with tracked shipping for safety reasons (as they are not replaceable!!) and all other items are shipped using standard shipping unless stated otherwise! 


:) Can I pick up my order?

Of course!! Pick up is in Manchester, UK by Victoria station. Shoot me an email at fionabeattieburton@gmail.com to arrange a pick up from Monday – Friday (times may vary but I’m happy to work around you!)


:)Returns, Refunds or Exchanges

Unfortunately  I do not accept returns or exchanges (I’m sorry!! I just lose out on too much money :( !) If an item arrives damaged from the shipping process please email me with photo evidence and I will happily refund the item!


:) Custom Orders / Pre Orders

I do not have any pre order ceramics! If any other item is up for pre order please leave the allocated time written in the description for the item to be made & arrive!

If you have a special project that you think I would be the right fit for please email me at fionabeattieburton@gmail.com